Elmo Rietschle (VSB) Chemical Duty Screw Vacuum Pumps

Models Include:
VSB-120    Nominal CFM: 70    Max Vac: .020 Torr
VSB-200    Nominal CFM: 106    Max Vac: .020 Torr
VSB-320    Nominal CFM: 188    Max Vac: .020 Torr
VSB-430    Nominal CFM: 253    Max Vac: .020 Torr
VSB-800    Nominal CFM: 440
VSB-1500    Nominal CFM: 960
VSB-2700    Nominal CFM: 1600
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Elmo Rietschle VSB Model Vacuum Pumps

-Designed to handle specific chemical duty applications

-Simple screw design with single-stage body for simple gas flow path

-Clean operation without use of oil or seal fluid to produce vacuum

-Lowest power requirements per delivered CFM of it’s designed class

-No parts to wear out

Downloads: VAC-IND-PROD_2nd_5-18.pdf