Blowers (Positive Displacement)

Blower Repair Services for All Brands and Models 

JC Cross Company provides positive displacement blower repair and reconditioning services for all brands and models. 

The whole idea behind our repair process is simple – to help our customers gain more life from their existing equipment, avoid the cost of a new machine, and skip the wait time before a new machine can be procured and installed.

Reasons to Choose Us As Your Repair Facility

Benefits Specific to Blower Repair

JC Cross Co. can accommodate repairs on any size of positive displacement blower – regardless of the manufacturer. We are your single-source repair vendor when it comes to positive displacement blowers and vacuum pumps.

Overall Benefits of Working with Us

  • Equipment returned to like-new/OEM original condition.
  • All repair work is performed by JC Cross Company skilled professionals, such as machinists, assemblers, sandblasters, and painters. Many of our competitors will subcontract out repair work. We do it all ourselves. 
  • Factory-trained technicians from a variety of backgrounds with over 300 years of collective machine repair and reconditioning experience. We don’t waste your time on speculation. Our technicians use their years of experience to form informed conclusions about likely sources of equipment failure, which leads to the ultimate goal: repaired/reconditioned equipment that is ready to go back to work.
  • Startup helps to avoid another repair. Oftentimes, when equipment is returned to service, proper procedures are not followed, which leads to a second repair. After delivering your equipment, we can assist you in following all proper procedures and help you avoid that second repair.
  • First, try to repair, then consider new. Because of the financial and lead-time benefits, we always first try to repair the machines that come to us, but sometimes the damage is so heavy that it’s simply just not economical to attempt a repair. 
  • Can’t be repaired? We have a large inventory for you. We carry a large inventory, so if repair has been ruled out, we will quote you a new machine to replace your old one. Because of our expansive, largest-in-the-country positive displacement blower inventory, we’ll often have a new option on demand.   
  • Not something we have in stock? We’ll get it. If the equipment you need is not something we have in stock, we’ll go out and find it for you. Our expansive rep network allows us to scour the country quickly to find what you need.  
  • We repair everything. We don’t just repair the brands that we represent; we repair everything. See what we’ve repaired
  • Peace of mind of a warranty. All JC Cross Co. and EBE Industrial repairs carry a one-year warranty. We offer this warranty on everything we repair.   
  • Company-owned facilities, on-site shop. Our repair facilities are company-owned, with an on-site machine shop dedicated solely to our customers’ repairs.
  • Decades of trusted service. We’ve been in business since 1981. That’s over 40 years of trusted service experience working for you.
  • Pickup and delivery on company-owned trucks. We prioritize picking up and delivering everything we touch on our company-owned trucks. We have 6 strategically placed offices and warehouses around the Midwest from which we dispatch our trucks. This means our customers experience zero to minimal downtime along with the increased transit safety that comes from private hauling. (Not Available in Certain Areas)

What We Have Repaired 

Some of the blower brands we have often repaired include:

  • Aerzen
  • Blower Engineering
  • Cycloblower
  • Duroflow
  • Eurus
  • Gardner Denver
  • Hibon
  • Kaeser
  • Kice
  • Robuschi
  • Roots/Howden
  • Sutorbilt
  • Spencer
  • Tuthill
  • And many more

Ask for Our Blowers (Positive Displacement) Repair Service Today

More Experience = Less Downtime. Your experience is what differentiates you when a problem falls in your lap. That’s just the truth. Who you work with is the difference between hours, days, or weeks of downtime. At JC Cross Company, we have the experience you need.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable, experienced industrial processing and production equipment repair partner who can help you gain more life from your existing equipment, avoid the cost of a new machine, and skip the wait time on procurement and installation, look to us.

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