CycloBlower 3CDL8L

CycloBlower Industrial Series

The CycloBlower stands out as the premium PD blower/vacuum pump in the market. The meshing of two helical lobe rotors synchronized by timing gears provides controlled compression of air for unmatched efficiency and shock-free discharge. State-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, improved assembly methods, and enhanced internal clearances allow the CycloBlower to operate at higher operating speeds for increased flow capacities. In many comparable applications, the CycloBlower operates more efficiently than other straight-lobe blowers. By requiring less brake horsepower, BHP, energy operating costs can be realized and reduced.

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  • Pressures to 20 PSIG
  • Dry Vacuum to 17″ HG
  • Wet Vacuum to 24″ HG
  • Airflow to 6700 CFM

Efficient, Shock-free Compression

  • Helical screw rotors generate a balanced compression cycle
  • Providing a smooth and steady discharge, eliminating the sudden release of trapped pockets of air into the line
  • Contoured inlet and discharge ports minimize turbulence

Dependable Quality

  • Superior and consistent quality due to continual training of world-class manufacturing personnel
  • Quality inspections throughout the entire manufacturing process
  • Compact design utilizing optimum performance materials
  • Reduced vibrations result in longer service of critical blower components

High Capacity

  • Industry-unique rotor profile and accurately maintained tolerances allow the CycloBlower to be operated at high speeds for increased capacity

Clean Air/gas Delivery

  • Contact-less rotors removes the need for lubrication within the compression chamber
  • Outboard position of rotor bearings allows atmospheric venting between the compression chamber and the bearings and gears
  • Prevents gear and bearing lubricants from contaminating the compression

Installation Flexibility

  • Units can be powered by various types of drives including electric motors, constant or variable, gasoline and diesel engines, or steam turbines
  • May be connected through a variable frequency drive (VFD), V-belt, or direct drive

Low Installation Cost

  • A special foundation is not required
  • CycloBlower requires a minimum of floor space

Operating Specifications

Min RPM (Vertical)
Min RPM (Horizontal)
Max Pressure
Max Vacuum
Max Discharge Temp