Aeon PD-XD Extreme Duty Synthetic Lubricant – 12 Quart Case

  • AEON PD typically lasts up to 4 times longer than mineral oils operating under the same conditions

    • Severe operating conditions may warrant more frequent oil changes
    • Laboratory analysis of the oil should be used to help determine the optimum oil change interval
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  • Main Features
  • Factory recommended for Gardner Denver Sutorbilt®, DuroFlow®, TriFlow®, RBS, HeliFlow®, and CycloBlower® positive displacement blowers and vacuum pumps
  • Provides maximum protection for demanding operating conditions in any environment or application
  • Formulated for minimal blower wear and maximum equipment life
  • Optimized viscosity provides superior lubrication in severe hot and cold temperatures with minimal energy consumption
  • Superior performance in a variety of applications and temperatures

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