Sutorbilt 711-4500

Setting the Industry Standard

Gardner Denver’s 4500 Series of rotary positive displacement lobe blowers and vacuum pumps are the result of more than seventy years of experience in the design, manufacture, and support of superior industrial equipment.

  • Main Features
  • Design & Construction
  • Pressure to 15 psig
  • Vacuum to 16″ Hg or greater
  • Continuous duty service
  • Discharge temperatures up to 325°F (short case units to 360°F)
  • Mechanical seals are available for gas service applications
  • Rated for continuous duty in all industrial applications
  • Provides longer life, simplified maintenance, and reduced service intervals
  • Permits higher speeds and performance ratings
  • Compact, heavy-duty, and produced from high-strength materials
  • Advanced case design with increased vent areas
  • The impeller case is precision machined from a single cast of high tensile iron and ribbed externally to prevent distortion
  • Ductile iron impellers equipped with one-piece alloy steel shafts
  • Equipped with bearings designed for heavy-duty applications and durability

Model Numbers

Current Generation

Model Catalog Number

Previous Generations


Timing & Configuration

Units are discharged timed and allow rotation in one direction.

Blower Configuration Chart

Operating Specifications

Max RPM 2440
Min RPM (Vertical) 818
Min RPM (Horizontal) 545
Max Pressure 15 PSI
Max Vacuum 16 in HG
Max Discharge Temp 360°F

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