Elmo Rietschle VC 1300

VC 1300 Oil Lubricated Vane Vacuum Pump
1025731200    102573-1200-40H
102573-1200-40H2    102573-1200-40H575
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Elmo Rietschle Lubricated Vane Vacuum Pumps

Why Elmo Rietschle?
■ Deep vacuum level
■ Faster pumping speeds
■ Quieter, smaller footprint
■ Patented filter design
■ Easier maintenance, less downtime

Why Aluminum Alloy?
■ Proprietary material blend
■ Won’t delaminate or absorb oil: eliminates
stuck/failed vanes
■ Channels can be milled to enhance lubrication
■ Incredibly durable
■ Soft enough to wear if lubrication deteriorates
■ Track record: years of operation
■ 5 Year Warranty!


1025731800    102573-1800-50H    102573-1800-50H2

102573-1800-50H575    102573-1800-50HXP

Downloads: VAC-IND-PROD_2nd_5-18.pdf