Cycloblower H.E. 200CDL600A

Put simply, the Cycloblower H.E. is the “best blower Gardner Denver has ever made”.

  • Main Features
  • Best-in-class energy efficiency
  • Game-changing patented design
  • A new level of Cycloblower performance: Up to 36 PSI, 22 Hg, and 6200 CFM!
  • Helical screw rotor design with food grade PTFE coated rotors
  • Flexible options and installation
  • Available in dual splash and force feed lubrication options

Model Numbers

Current Generation

Model Discharge Port
200CDL600A RC1
200CDL600A RC2
200CDL600A RC3

Previous Generations


Operating Specifications

Min RPM (Vertical)
Min RPM (Horizontal)
Max Pressure
Max Vacuum
Max Discharge Temp

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