Vacuum Pumps

Elmo Rietschle

C-Series Claw

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Models Include:

  • DLR
  • KLR
  • VLR


F-Series Radial

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Models Include

  • CEVF-3718-3 Scrap Collector Series Radial Blower


G-Series Side Channel

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Models Include:

  • 2BH Regenerative Blowers
  • Available in Single Stage, Two Stage, Three Stage


L-Series Liquid Ring

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Models Include:

  • 2BL
  • 2BV

107 HL NASH 02

R-Series Rotary Lobe

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Models Include:

  • VWP Vacuum Booster Blowers


S-Series Screw

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Models Include:

  • VSI


VSI 100 – 102662-0400-5H , 102662-0400-5H575

VSI 100 OXY – 102662-0700-5H, 102662-0700-5H575

VSI 300- 1027044400-10H, 1027044400-10H575

VSI 300 OXY – 102704-0700-10H, 102704-0700-10H575

VSI 300 Closed Cooling – 1027044800-10H, 1027044800-10H575


V-Series Rotary Vane

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Models Include:

  • CLFG
  • DTE
  • DTN
  • KTN
  • VC
  • VCB
  • VGD
  • VL
  • VLB
  • VLV
  • VTE
  • VTN
  • VWZ


VCA DTA VC303(20)-2 KopieVTE

102649-2100-2H  102649-2100-2H2  102649-2100-2H575  102649-2100-2HXP  102650-2100-3H  102650-2100-3H575  102650-2100-3HXP  102651-2100-5H  102651-2100-5H2  102651-2100-5H575  102651-2100-5HXP  102652-2100-5H  102652-2100-5H2  102652-2100-5H575  102652-2100-5HXP  102727-2100-7H  102727-2100-7H2  102727-21000-7H575  102727-2100HXP  102728-2100-10H  102728-2100-10H2  102728-2100-10H575  102728-2100-10HXP  102568-1200-15H  102568-2100-15H2  102568-1200-15H575  102568-1200-15HXP


Dekker’s unique solutions based approach ensures our customers receive the best product solution for their application.

TiTAN series single-stage and two-stage liquid ring vacuum pumps
TiTAN-C liquid ring compressors
DuraVane lubricated, oil-free (dry) and high vacuum rotary vane vacuum pumps
Vmax oil-sealed liquid ring vacuum pump systems, refined and manufactured by the same people who pioneered the concept in the early 80’s
AquaSeal water-sealed liquid ring vacuum pump systems
ChemSeal liquid ring vacuum pump systems for solvent recovery and chemical applications
DuraVane rotary vane vacuum pump systems.
Custom-engineered systems for demanding applications.


Travaini Pumps USA, Inc. has the broadest product offering of liquid ring vacuum pumps, compressors, rotary vane pumps, and the broadest selection of vacuum systems in the industry.
Travaini Pumps USA was established in 1985 as the marketing channel for products manufactured at our Italian factory. Since then, our capabilities have expanded, and today Travaini Pumps USA is housed in it’s 50,000 sq. ft. facility in Yorktown, Virginia. Here we conduct research and development, design solutions for a broad range of products, and manufacture systems for numerous markets. Our commitment to Service is backed up by our investment in a full inventory of liquid ring and rotary vane vacuum pumps, compressors, our popular DynaSeal™ systems, plus replacement parts for all Travaini products.
Major companies in a wide range of industries have chosen Travaini pumps and systems for their design excellence, long-term reliability, superior performance and our Commitment to Service.

Over 30 Years

JC Cross Company has evolved in to one of the Midwest's premier distributors for industrial process equipment. Maintaining one of the largest inventories of blowers and vacuum pumps in the Midwest. The most reliable service in the industry. Read More

Industries We Serve:

  • Agriculture
  • Chemical Processes
  • Contractors
  • Ethanol
  • Food
  • Hospitals
  • Plastics Manufacturing
  • Power Plants
  • Universities
  • Utilities
  • Wastewater Treatment

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